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Welcome To The Artist Resource Section

This page is geared towards aiding artists of all levels in their journey through the art world. If you’re looking for assistance in Professional Development, Better Studio Practices, and Thinking Deeper As An Artist, this page is for you.

My mission is to provide free and accessible tools for artists, educators, and enthusiasts. I encourage you to share and refer people here as often as you wish. Naturally, these articles take many hours to thoroughly research and write. If you’d like to support me as an artist and advocate, please consider donating whatever you can. Thank you!

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Where To Find Free Online Courses: Knowledge For All & What Else To Expect
How To Spot An Email Art Scam: The Fake Client
Elevating Your Business Practices: When Building Yourself Means Building Others
How To Apply To Art Shows: Tips For Entering Like A Pro
“Help! Should I Get A Degree In Art?!”: When It Works & When It Doesn’t
Tips For Writing A Better Artist Bio
Tips For Writing An Effective Artist Statement
Advice For Approaching Galleries
Choosing The Right Art Gallery: What Kinds Of Galleries Are There?
How To Price Artwork
Selling Art & Separation Anxiety


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“I Haven’t Made Art In A While”: Getting Your Art Groove Back
Photographing Your Artwork: Beginner’s Tips That Anyone Can Do
A Guide For Improving Productivity For the Social Artist
The Secrets To Finding & Reclaiming Materials
5 Tips For Building Your Creative Tool Belt
Blowing Through Artist Block


Reversing The “Starving Artist” Paradox
“What Kind Of Art Do You Make?”: Defining Your Discipline
“What Does It Mean?”: Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Art
“That’s Not Art!”–And How I Realized It Doesn’t Matter
7 Tips For Approaching Artwork
“Who’s your inspiration?”: And The Answer You Didn’t Expect