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Daric Gill - Interdisciplinary Artist Masters of Fine Arts University of Cincinnati Sculpture & Interdisciplinary Art Bachelors of Fine Arts Columbus College of Art & Design Sculpture & Painting b. 1982, USA. Nationally recognized fine artist and illustrator Daric Gill belongs to a movement in the arts that explores the development of several professional bodies of artwork by one artist. He has displayed his work across the US and has sold art on 3 continents and over 15 countries. His award winning oil paintings (The Absolutes Series) have been exhibited in such establishments as the John F. Peto Museum, NJ, the Edward Hopper House Museum, NY, and the George Billis Gallery, LA. He also has an internationally acclaimed line of illustrations called The ToeHeads that can be seen in the private collection of the Center of Science and Industry Museum, OH. In addition, his metal sculptures and portrait paintings have been exhibited along side the works of Warhol, Picasso, Calder, Lichtenstein, and the like. His interactive kinetic sculptures have been funded regionally and displayed in public parks as well as other urban spaces. Gill is a GCAC Supply Grant Award winner, juror for the 2015 Columbus Arts Festival, and former adjunct professor at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

Awarded Visual Arts Fellowship By Greater Columbus Arts Council & 2019 Exhibition Columbus Museum of Art

Awarded Visual Arts Fellowship, 2019 Exhibition At CMoA

by Daric Gill

It is my profound pleasure to announce that  the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Columbus Museum of Art have chosen me as a recipient of the 2018 Visual Arts Fellowship! This is a particular honor, as as well as a generous fellowship award of $5000, the Columbus Museum of Art will feature the recipients in their annual Greater Columbus exhibition June 14 to Sept. 29, 2019.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the Visual Art Fellowship finalists and recipients are invited to apply for an Artist Exchange program, a two to three-month residency in Dresden, Germany. This is of course, based on a future selection process. But in any case, the idea is quite thrilling.

The 2018 Visual Arts Fellowships were juried in a blind review process by Jacob Proctor, a New York-based curator and writer; and Matthew Thompson, Director of Advisory at Art Agency Partners in Los Angeles. I’m joined by 3 other recipients: Cameron Granger, Jared Thorne, and Ryland Wharton. Congratulations to those artists as well!

"The Greater Columbus Arts Council and The Columbus Museum of Art encourage and support creativity and cultural development in the Columbus area. The Visual Arts Fellowship continues a partnership between the Arts Council and the Columbus Museum of Art that recognizes outstanding visual art practices within the community."

The Visual Arts Fellowship is a very distinguished award and I’m exceedingly grateful to be selected. I’d like to offer my most sincere gratitude to the Council, the CMoA, Jacob Proctor, and Matthew Thompson for choosing my work out of the many others. Numerous family members, friends, professional partnerships, and art-enthusiasts have helped paved the way for any achievement that passes my way. You all have been a part of my journey and I find your love and encouragement a wealth beyond any others.


I am humbled by your support. Thank you!


Special Thanks to Greater Columbus Arts Council & The Columbus Museum Of Art!
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A pile of my sketchbooks

Sketchbooking: What Works For You, Works

Sketchbooking: What Works For You, Works

by Daric Gill

A pile of my sketchbooks
A pile of my sketchbooks

Many artist concerns could be remedied by suggesting that whatever works for you, works. However, this doesn’t really help map out possible solutions for what is causing the concerns to begin with.

Sketchbooks have been the artist’s companion since the invention of paper. It’s one of the best ways to form simple ideas into reality. But finding the right idea-making process isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Not everyone has landed on a type of sketching that works for them. What process works well for a painter might not work for a sculptor, digital artist, or a photographer. In this article, I’ll land on a few suggestion/tips along the way. Read on for more.


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Reversing The Starving Artist Paradox: Why Constructive Language Matters

Reversing The Starving Artist Paradox: Why Constructive Language Matters

by Daric Gill

We use the term “starving artist” as a playful descriptor for the career, a cheeky marketing ploy for arts events, and even in catchy brand names for arts related businesses. Its influences are so ubiquitous that we often fail to see the phrase for exactly what it is, a harmful title that doesn’t actually jive with how we see creativity in today’s world. In this article, I will make the case that this little idea is at best a self-fulfilling goal, and at worse one of the most damaging outdated paradoxes one can wear as an artist. Read on for more.

Awarded Development & Research Grant; Invited To Cuban Artist Exchange

Awarded Development & Research Grant; Invited To Cuban Artist Exchange, & Other Amazing News

by Daric Gill

I’m incredibly enthused to announce a handful of very exciting developments. A few months ago I was graciously invited to take part in a Cuban Artist exchange. Today, I was notified that I’ve been awarded a generous Artists in the Community Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Professional Development & Research grant from the Greater Columbus Arts. This funding will aid in the travel expenses and research costs for the trip in late August. Read on for more.

Additionally, an art exhibition will be held at the Hilton Downtown Columbus in 2019, which will include work driven by the inspiration from the trip. The overall goal of these efforts are to build a friendship between these two vibrant cultures through exchange of great story-telling. Moreover, there are also prospects of the exhibition traveling to other locations, including an international exhibition in Havana, Cuba.

As my work has developed, so too has the desire for fostering intimate social connectivity through immersive story-telling. I fully expect to chronicle the vibrancy of Cuba as well as document the journey of the resulting artwork from start-to-finish. This documentation will be presented in tandem with the final work I will publish here on my website via process videos, photographs, and a set of narrative articles. These articles will also champion all funding, support networks, and communal partnerships that have aided in the process.

These are simply amazing opportunities! I’m tremendously grateful for such a loving and supportive group of people who have worked to make these types of ventures possible. Thank you dearly.

The Arts Council receives its funding primarily through the City of Columbus’ Hotel/Motel Bed tax. As Columbus encourages people into her city through interesting culture and attractions, a portion of the taxes garnered from the hospitality gets cycled back into that same rich culture. In this way, I’d like to thank the public most of all for your continued interest in Columbus and the arts.



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