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fine artwork by Daric Gill

New Painting, “Absolute: Priority” Entices & Obstructs

New Painting, “Absolute: Priority” Entices & Obstructs

by Daric Gill

fine artwork by Daric Gill
“Absolute: Priority” Oil paint on reclaimed burled maple. 12” x 12”. 6.5.21

There is potency in a quiet voice when challenging a cacophony. My latest painting, “Absolute: Priority”, might be such a story. But in truth, I am still not sure if it is a soft candle emerging from a dark cave or a whispered yell squelched into polite submission. Perhaps it is meant to be a bit of both. Yes, perhaps it is both. Read on for more.

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International Art Market Magazine Features My Robotic Art (Issue #58)

International Art Market Magazine Features My Robotic Art (Issue #58)

By Daric Gill

International Art Market Magazine has just released Issue #58 & I’m incredibly honored to be featured in this month’s edition. Four of my interactive robotic sculptures have been selected for publication. Based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, “Art Market Magazine is known for its quality publication, bringing the readers a deeper focus on auctions, art fairs and exhibitions from all over the world, article and exclusive interviews with emerging and most known artists in the world today, including Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Yayoi Kusama, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Andrew Salgado and many more.” Click here to see my section or here to purchase the full edition of the magazine.

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2021 Looks Good! Awarded Grant To Help Streamline Precision In Workshop & Studio

Awarded Grant To Help Streamline Precision & Cleanliness In Workshop & Studio, 2021

by Daric Gill

It is my pleasure to announce that I’ve been awarded a Greater Columbus Arts Council Support for Professional Artists: 2021 Individuals grant in the amount of $1,000. An increased need to work from home or a localized studio space has naturally led to an immediate need for new tools that can adapt to both workshop & home studio work life. This funding will help provide a safer, cleaner, and more precise studio + work environment. The Greater Columbus Arts Council has continued their support for the arts in many ways during this unprecedented time & I’m personally very moved by their efforts!

Special Thanks to the City of Columbus & Its Councilmembers.

I am grateful for your support. Thank you!

“Who Gets Creative Control?”: The Conversation All Creatives Need To Have, But Aren’t

by Daric Gill

Artists & designers range widely in their willingness to share creative control. Some people thrive by sharing the idea-making process & using parameters as guides, while others are at their best when given the freedom to explore their own ideas. If you work with creatives & you wish to better understand your colleagues, or you’re an artist trying to figure out how to develop your professional ambitions, knowing who wants or needs creative control is key. Yet this topic is often avoided, incorrectly inferred, or completely overlooked altogether. This article is part of a mini-series, in which I suggest a few ways to get the greatest result for creatives & art supporters. Read on for more.

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