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I’m Daric. If you were here in person I’d shake your hand. Since you’re not, feel free to place your hand on the screen and get a digital high-five.

What do I do?

Daric Gill Studios is a well-rounded art entrepreneurship that joins together many art aesthetics into a unique and multi-faceted professional art business. In other words, I’m one of the lucky ones who is an artist… full-time.

My paint station.
My paint station.

“I art.  If writers write, artists art.”

So, what is this website about?
I set out to have 3 main focuses in my website:
  1. Showcase an intimate view of the life of a practicing artist
  2. Provide helpful tips and resources for other artists/art enthusiasts
  3. Promote a healthy environment where people can approach an abstract subject.
Who’s my audience?
  1. Anyone interested in getting an all-inclusive backstage pass to the life and practices of a professional artist
  2. Professional and amateur artists alike who are looking for artist resources
  3. Any client who would like to see how their work is created
  4. Educators who are looking for reliable references to show their students
  5. Artists and art patrons who would simply like company as a fellow art enthusiast
  6. Naturally, my family and friends who have provided tremendous support!

“Yep. It’s my only job. And I love it!”

What you can expect to see here

2-D and 3-D artwork, sketches, and artists resources. And some purposely made up words.

What you won’t see here

I’m in the business of making and selling art. You won’t find my political views, impulse blogs of negativity, or people bashing on this site.

How to contribute to this site
Feel free to email me here. I also strongly encourage commenting on my blog posts, provided that it’s constructive in intent. Art, if nothing else, is the exercise of our freedom of visual speech. The goal of this website is to offer a forum where the situations and concerns regarding art can be discussed candidly, but with respect.


Daric Gill

All images © 2002-2013 Daric Gill.