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High End Desk Made From 1800’s Antiques

From Victorian Era To Contemporary Furniture: The Making Of A New Antique Desk

by Daric Gill

“DoorDesk”, Reclaimed antique mahogany door, 1873 Singer Sewing machine base, double strength glass. 29 3/4″ tall x 36″ wide, 23″ deep. 1.7.15.

Among my favorite things in this world is finding new lives for really old materials. I’m fascinated by the challenge presented by the reclamation process and often find myself harvesting extremely old parts to use in yet undesigned projects. After restoring a Singer Sewing machine base on a previous┬ápiece of furniture (check it out here), I was fortunate enough to have a few more fall into my lap. My latest piece is made from restoring an 1873 Singer Sewing machine base and a chopped mahogany door that I believe is from a schoolhouse of that same era. Both pieces were in severe disrepair and needed considerable restoration before showing their past beauty.

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