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Featured Artist: ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE, Issue 6

Featured Artist: ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE, Issue 6

by Daric Gill

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I’m super excited to announce that Issue 6 of ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE has been published and I am a featured artist with a 6-page spread! ARTIST TALK MAGAZINE is a quarterly magazine, originating from the United Kingdom and features Artists from all across the globe. It is a magazine for everyone and is written by Artists. The main focus of the magazine is to showcase Artists and to give them a chance to share, in more depth, the work they produce. It aims to showcase a wide range of work, inspired by many different influences.

So far, I’ve been really impressed with how slick the online version of the magazine is. You can view it online and purchase a physical copy of any issue here. I’ve already purchased a couple copies for myself and eagerly await their arrival.

Special thanks to Grant Milne who created such an amazing platform for artists!

Sample Page


[Watch how I made each piece featured in the magazine below]




Longboards For Charity: NEW ToeHead + Hai Poké Collab

Longboards For Charity: New ToeHead + Hai Poké Collab

by Daric Gill

“Roots”, acrylic and marker on bamboo longboard.

It’s a great day when you’re given a longboard deck to paint for a good cause. Recently, I have been approached by the owners of Columbus’ very own Hai Poké to do exactly that. Calling back to their roots as skateboarders themselves, owners Nile Woodson and Mico Cordero are finding ways to give back through the forces of local artists + the boarding culture. Longboards like mine will be on display at their brick and mortar shop and will be auctioned off during a charity benefit later next year.  I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of all this collaboration and am inspired by the fierce energy by these two tastemakers!


Want this board?
Email them at: haicbus@gmail.com

(“Roots” installation images courtesy of Mico Cordero)

“Absolute: Balance” (detail), Oil on reclaimed burled maple. 12 1/2” x 12 1/2”. 10.21.18.

VIDEO: New Work, “Absolute: Balance” Finds Meaning In The Ethereal

New Painting, “Absolute: Balance” Finds Meaning In The Ethereal

by Daric Gill

“Absolute: Balance”, Oil on reclaimed burled maple. 12 1/2” x 12 1/2”. 10.21.18.A dead root winds its way up from the bottom of a burled background. The edges of the painting boil and fade from a dark green to bare wood. Near the bottom-center is a small fluffy cloud that appears to be suspended by two red threads. One thread intertwines with the root, wrapping around it so that it is taught on one side and slack on the other. Absolute: Balance finds itself somewhere between fantasy and reality. Read on for more.

[Process Video & Image Gallery Below Article]


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The Pumpkin's King (neck)

NEW “The Pumpkin’s King” ToeHead On Violin: An Effort For Autism Awareness

ToeHeads, The King, & Autism Awareness

by Daric Gill

The Pumpkin's King (detail), acrylic and marker on vintage violin.
The Pumpkin’s King (detail), acrylic and marker on vintage violin.

NEW! The Pumpkin’s King is a ToeHead painted on vintage violin. The pumpkin headed Elvis riding a unicycle was purchased by The Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation, an organization that promotes autism awareness. This piece will be awarded as part of their annual fall cycling fundraiser.

“The Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation was founded to promote autism awareness, education, and research through community events in Columbus. Our goal is to engage participants in the conversation and call them to action while providing an entertaining background.”

[Register here to join the ride]