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“Absolute” Paintings In Skylit Atrium Of Art Hotel, Hilton Columbus Downtown

“Absolute” Oil Paintings In Skylit Atrium Of Art Hotel

by Daric Gill

“Absolutes” by Daric Gill displayed at Hilton Downtown Columbus Atrium Lobby

Situated at the intersection of the Arena District and Short North Arts District, The Hilton Columbus Downtown is truly an art hotel. The building has been specifically designed around an immersive art experience with over 150 pieces of Ohio-based fine art in its public spaces and rooms.  I’m once again privileged to hang the work in the large atrium space visible from High Street at the beginning of the Short North District. Read on for more information.

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Advice For Approaching Galleries

Advice For Approaching Galleries

by Daric Gill

One of the more challenging steps for the professional artist’s career is securing a gallery–if that is your route. This delicate process can be competitive for emerging artists as well as established ones. In this article, I’ll share some commonly suggested practices in addition to some of the pitfalls that one should avoid.

This is the companion article to, “Choosing The Right Gallery: An Explanation of Gallery Types”.  I encourage you to first read that article before you dive head first into approaching a gallery. Take the time to acquaint yourself with some points of interest (both good and bad) regarding the major gallery types. Also included is an infographic that visually explains the relationship between the artist and gallery types. Read onward for more information.

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The Schumacher Gallery

Choosing The Right Art Gallery: What Kinds Of Galleries Are There?

Art Gallery Types: Which Is Right For You?

by Daric Gill

Choosing the right gallery is much like picking a relationship partner. And as such, finding a compatible match that complements your existing assets is paramount. Also like other life-relationships, there’s no one-type-fits-all answer. Each artist has their own needs. While this article is admittedly a broad generalization of gallery types, I’m using years of personal experience, professional interpretations, and colloquially agreed terms regarding the most common gallery types. The goal of this article is to provide a diving off point for those of whom need a little clarification into the major types of physical gallery models. This also happens to be Part One in a 2-part companion article. Its sister article,  “Advice For Approaching Galleries” can be found here.  Or you can read on below for more.

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Close up detail of "Absolute: Rest", oil painting on reclaimed wood.

VIDEO: Making “Absolute: Rest” Painting & A Short Story

Looking Inward With Absolute: Rest

by Daric Gill

Full image of oil painting, "Absolute: Rest", Oil on reclaimed 1927 Honduran mahogany from a baby grand piano.
“Absolute: Rest”, Oil on reclaimed 1927 Honduran mahogany from a baby grand piano. 10 3/4″ x 8 5/8″. 1.1.17.

It is good to look inward with an absolute silence, to find solace during those cacophonous times. For Absolute: Rest, I took a major departure from my normal idea gathering process and instead developed the painting along side a short story I wrote.

Absolute: Rest is an oil painting on reclaimed Honduran Mahogany. A black handmade envelope is painted above a translucent geometric ‘X’. On top of the envelope is a leaf from the ZZ plant. Its green flesh is held down by a smooth stone. Each of these elements are symbols taken from the short story, Bricks to Stones.

“So afraid of a falling shelter, Man spent all his energy grinding bricks into stones and bones to dirt. These are materials more suited for a garden than a shelter.”


[Process Video, Short Story, & Full Image Gallery Below]


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