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News Anchors Fall For “Tempting” ToeHead

 New ToeHead Gets Help From TV Personalities!

The newest ToeHead made its début on TV this week. It was my pleasure to join fellow artist, Jay C. Moffett & WTTE Fox 28’s enthusiastic Good Day Columbus hosts in part to promote my artwork & Ohio Art League’s annual fund-raising event. News personalities Maria Durant & Adam Slinger helped put the final touches on “Tempting” and tried their best to keep inside the lines.  Scroll down for media link and final ToeHead.

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Grumpy Cat On Game Day

Grumpy Cat On Game Day

Grumpy Cat On Game Day: Acrylic and marker on reclaimed baltic birch. 18″ x 10 1/4″. 9.25.13.

SquidSteak On A Palette (detail)

SquidSteak Exists!

Heeeere’s SquidSteak!

Now introducing SquidSteak. This handsome little guy is the down-home kind. A city-squid now, but a true country-squid at heart. Boisterous and overstated, SquidSteak can be  a handful sometimes. He and his best friend Eggaphant are a regular Odd Couple. Their opposites certainly attract!

We’re entering SquidSteak’s life just when he’s finding out something special about himself–that 3rd eye. Until recently this eye was simply just another looking tool. But now, it’s something more. Something mysterious. Intermittent superpowers maybe?–or just hyper sensitivity? I guess only time will tell. To be continued…

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LolliPig Waits (detail)

Introducing LolliPig!

Here’s LolliPig!

LolliPig is an easily excitable character and doesn’t like being bored. Much like a puppy, LolliPig just wants to play. Here he is waiting on some friends to come join him. Be careful though; Getting him too excited will make his bubblegum center expand. If there’s enough stimulus LolliPig can Pop! Boy, can he fill a room!

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