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An Artist’s Open Letter Of Gratitude

gratitude |ˈgratəˌt(y)o͞od|

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

To all of you:

My dear family, friends, continued supporters, and anonymous readers whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting —

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt compelled to write a letter of thanks to you. I looked internally for the catalyst that drives such an urge. Which monumental checkpoint must my subconscious be promoting so that I’d feel this overwhelming sense of thanks towards you? I started to calculate the separate adventures that you’ve helped me with over the years and I’ve come to this conclusion:

I was searching for that one event or reason to thank you. But the truth is, I have plenty of reasons. And they happen everyday. Your support comes in many forms. I thank you all for each.

My first solo show (c. 1999)

My first solo show as an artist was 15 years ago. Since then you’ve journeyed to my gallery openings, provided spaces to exhibit my work, made purchases, embraced my online media, strengthened my emotional infrastructure, congratulated me on my graduation from college twice, welcomed me into and out of the teaching world, and encouraged improvements when needed with constructive reinforcements. Whether you are my lifetime art-companion or newly found electronic-media friend, I am grateful for the support you invest in my livelihood as a professional artist.

As my new website turns 1 year old this month, it’s celebrated with over 13,000 views and an ever-growing number of followers who are tuning in each week as I showcase my artwork, introduce my latest exhibition schedules, and learn about my life as an artist. These are 13,000+ endorsements that are in addition to your in-person support.

The phrase, “Thank you” is insufficient in comparison to how I honestly feel. My gratitude is plentiful and I am eager to return the kindness. Your vast forms of support give the vital nutrients and fertile ground from which continued success in the arts can grow. This, I’m truly thankful for.



Your Friend



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ToeHeads + SnackHacks  At McGraw-Hill Education

Exclusive Exhibition At McGraw-Hill Education

by Daric Gill

LoliPigWaits (detail)
LoliPigWaits (detail)

If you’ve purchased an educational textbook in the past  100+ years, you’ve most likely heard of the publishing company where my latest exhibition is held. McGraw-Hill Education Companies specializes in developing adapted learning practices and educational resources for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

This week marks the first exhibition of the SnackHacks and ToeHeads together in one showing of selected works. While the current show is held exclusively for the employees at the McGraw-Hill headquarters, I’ve been given special permission to document the show for my online galleries. 

Image Gallery Following Article
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“Absolutes & Complements” At Schnormeier Gallery

Press Release For February Show

I’m pleased to announce that the “Absolutes & Complements” suite of paintings will be at the Schnormeier Gallery this month. With over 20 paintings in this exhibition, this marks the largest selection of the “Absolute” suite ever amassed into one show. Among the work on display will be the debut of “Absolute: Pitch”, the largest private piece I’ve ever created. Visitors will also get to see the fun and whimsical work of Craig Hill in an adjacent gallery room. For more information, continue reading.

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New! “Absolute: Time”

It’s About Time

Ladies & Gentlemen: I give you, “Absolute: Time”.

The aim of this piece is to explore how time can be mysterious by nature. The background tones gradient from dark at the bottom to lighter in the center of the painting. The thread fades into nothingness as it leads to nowhere. The pendulum that is created sits atop a weathered linear piece of paper, a timeline for the sway of the cherry weight. The cherry is an enticing mass, juicy and red. Continue reading for more information.

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