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“Absolute: Earnest”: A Painting On The Backside

Painting On The Backside

by Daric Gill

"Absolute: Earnest", Oil paint on reclaimed oak. 10 7/8" x 1- 1/4”. 11.11.15
“Absolute: Earnest”, Oil paint on reclaimed oak. 10 7/8″ x 1- 1/4”. 11.11.15

Depending on whether or not you follow my art, you may know that I use reclaimed materials in almost every body of artwork I make. If you’re new to my work you can see many examples of this here. Several of my recent artworks have been painted on planks of 100+ yr old reclaimed barn shelving. During its former life, one side of the shelving was protected from the elements with a thick grayish-white paint. The other side was left a rich wood grain that darkened over time from the barn atmosphere. To clean away some of the residue that may have collected over the years, I had to sand down both sides of the wood. Each time I cleaned off the surface residue on the backside, I wondered how I’d use this aged surface in the final piece. Absolute: Earnest is the result.

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Contemporary oil painting by Daric Gill

New! “Absolute: Struggle” Oil Painting

The Absolutes In Our Struggles

by Daric Gill

Pull up a stool, put a few quarters in the jukebox, and let me pour you a tall glass of soul. Today I debut my latest painting, “Absolute: Struggle”. That’s right, we’re about to get our blues on and it’s never been so blood red.

“Absolute: Struggle” ain’t your run of the mill moody-broody piece that emotes for the sake of being dark. That’s not my style. No, this piece ranks among my most pure soul-inspired paintings to date. It’s part of my deep blues repertoire. And I feel like the most potent blues aren’t merely explorations in pain, but rather a catharsis by the trumpeting of hope through tribulation. For every edge of despair there’s a modicum of pure unbridled exaltation in how one can still feel deeply.

This is one of the absolutes in our lives – that we can (and often do) have a duality of conflicting emotions that are so pervasively deep and yet so polar opposite. I set out to portray this abstract concept in this painting. Like with all blues, nobody wants to hear your song if it’s not a self-portrait of soul. So swill your spirits and scoot closer to the bar. This solo continues after the image.

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New! “Absolute: Ignition” Painting

Oil (Paint) & Matches

by Daric Gill

Yesterday I completed “Absolute: Ignition”, my latest oil painting. It portrays a paper matchstick on a single wild daisy leaf, set amongst a iridescent greenish-blue birdseye maple background. This new hue of the background is a departure from the natural wood color and felt fresh; reminiscent of malachite maybe? Check out the gallery to see the process.

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ToeHeads + SnackHacks Get An All New Storefront!

Stop In To The New Virtual Store!

by Daric Gill

The 1st ToeHead Ever! "Me and Tea"
The 1st ToeHead Ever! “Me and Tea”

Thanks to the continued support of my clients and their positive things to say about my work, the ToeHeads went from being just an idea in a sketchbook to a globally sold set of illustrations.

At the time of this post, the ToeHeads have more than 600 illustrations in their family and have since branched into a second division called the SnackHacks. There are over 300 illustrations that are drawn out and have yet to be made! Until this year, all of this has been done from the simple use of auxiliary spaces, galleries, and strangely enough… Facebook. Read on for more.


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