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VIDEO: How I Built A Robotic Sculpture From An 1800s Table

How I Made “The Shy Machine”: An Interactive Kinetic Light Sculpture That Moves, Learns, & Reacts

by Daric Gill

{Time-Lapse Video of Process Above}

The Shy Machine is a motion activated, sound reactive, environmentally adaptive, kinetic light sculpture. As its name would suggest, this robot is shy. The two halves of this 12-sided geometric form open and close depending on the noise levels in the environment. Vibrant lights pulse from within according to volume in the room. The insides are packed with electronic brains, lights, and sensors to make this happen. In this article, you can explore the build process from start-to-finish.

{Process Image Gallery Below}


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The Secrets To Finding & Reclaiming Materials

Finding Those Reclaimed Materials

by Daric Gill

As a person who works with reclaimed materials, I get asked where I find my materials a lot. In fact, I was asked this twice today. Here’s how this question usually goes:

1950 Craftsman table saw“I’ve got this project I was thinking about making…. If you don’t mind me asking, where do you find all of this amazing material?!”

This is a very flattering question and I’m more than happy to share in the reclaimed materials movement.

Having said that, I’ve found that there’s actually quite an array of motives and goals behind that question. This post will cover the right questions to ask yourself so that you can be on your way to finding newly reclaimed materials.

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