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NEW ToeHead On Violin: An Effort For Autism Awareness

ToeHeads, Violin, Headless Horseman: Oh My!

by Daric Gill

"The Headless Highwheeler", acrylic and marker on reclaimed maple violin back.
“The Headless Highwheeler”, acrylic and marker on reclaimed maple violin back.

NEW! The Headless Highwheeler is a ToeHead painted on a maple violin back. It was purchased by The Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation, an organization that promotes autism awareness. This piece will be awarded to the winner of their second annual fall cycling fundraiser. The Headless Highwheeler can be mounted on a cherry base or hung on the wall.

“The Pumpkin Pedaler Foundation was founded to promote autism awareness, education, and research through community events in Columbus. Our goal is to engage participants in the conversation and call them to action while providing an entertaining background.”

[Register here to join the ride]

Solar Powered Soul: An Artist’s Inspirational Outing

A Sunny Disposition

I’m writing this entry from a bench in the woods. The bench, nestled in front of a finch filled thicket, is marked with a dedication plaque honoring a local scout troop. It’s sunny and I’m inspired. Well, let’s just say the woods is about as woodsy as one can hope to find less than a mile from an apartment in the city. But it’ll do. Here is a little insight into how a little sun makes for a perfect storm… the good kind.

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Sketching IN the Scioto

My Roaming Office: Searching For A “Perfect View”

Greatest perk of my job… an office wherever, whenever, I want.

Today I sketched in the Scioto River. Literally. I frequent this river often for inspiration. Yet, today is the first time I’ve stumbled upon a picnic table at the bottom of a 7 ft. dirt cliff and about 5 ft. offshore. Perched securely on submerged logs and anchored to a buried steel pole, this ready-made office was definitely in the Scioto River. And on purpose. Truly, a rare gift indeed. One thing is for sure; I will be visiting this ‘office’ again!

I intend on posting smaller bite-sized entries of my journey in the future. But in the meantime, I find it only right to lead off with a full post covering the last two weeks.  I invite you all to come along in my quest to find the perfect office view. 

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