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From Curb To Studio: Refinishing A Trashed Table

Trashed Table Makes For New Workspace

by Daric Gill

Working Work Table (3/4 view)
Working Work Table: steel pipes, reclaimed wood, electrical power.

Almost all the artwork I create is ultimately intended for someone else. This is one of my favorite aspects about making artwork. However, every so often I realize that there are things I need updated or made for my personal life too. Earlier this year I made a powered work table for my studio’s main workspace from reclaimed materials and I thought I should do it again. (right)

You can check out that project in its entirety here.

 (Process Image Gallery Below)
My new studio table
My new studio table

The New (Old) Table

This week I took on the task of replacing my painting desk with a refurbished curb-side find. My former desk was nothing special; a simple fold up table that sufficed most needs. Recently,  I’ve found myself needing a more substantial set of workspaces with an increasing need for visual continuity. So, when I passed a curbed table with matching wood… I knew I had my next challenge. The top was severely scratched and dented, there were 2 broken legs, and missing parts. But all-in-all, the core structure of the wood was totally intact. Here’s how it I refinished my new (old) studio table:


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Close up of plug

Centuries Old Barn Beam Becomes A Pedestal

From A Barn In England To The Gallery Floor: The makings of a barn beam pedestal.
A little over a year ago a good client and friend (well, a family of clients) gave me a wooden beam said to have come from a barn in England. I believe it to be old growth white oak and at the very least over a hundred years old. It’s natural beauty and years of character are undisputed. Take a look at the gallery below to see how I reclaimed this beam into a pedestal to rest a sculpture on. 
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