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April Showers Bring ‘Absolute: Mend’ Painting

Blue Morpho & Mending

by Daric Gill

The Absolute series of paintings often pairs natural elements along side more man-made subject matter. As I explore my surroundings for content that matches with the overall vision of my next piece, I find that my work naturally has corresponding seasons with the world around me. This year’s spring has brought with it new inspirations and new adaptations. Now introducing Absolute: Mend, my latest oil painting. Continue reading to see more of this piece.

Absolute: Mend, Oil on reclaimed oak. 16″ x 31 1/4″. 5.4.15.

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"Absolute's Complement" (detail)

“Absolute’s Complement” Painting Gets A New Image

Recently Returned Work Has A Photo Shoot

by Daric Gill

One of the best parts about technology is that it’s always improving. This continual advancement also allows for artists to improve the quality of their images regularly. Recently I’ve gotten “Absolute’s Complement” back from its travels and I have taken the opportunity to re-shoot the painting. Read on for more.

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"Absolute's Complement"
“Absolute’s Complement” Oil on panel. 11 5/8″ x 17 3/8″. 6.16.12.


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ToeHeads Now Permanent at Center Of Science And Industry Museum

COSI + ToeHeads = Perfect Match

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I remember taking field trips as a child to The Center of Science And Industry (COSI). The long bus ride seemed to take days, but we were always rewarded with a kid’s museum built for fun, tinkering, and science. Even as an adult I am in total wonder of this place. Its magical atmosphere seems almost otherworldly with creative possibilities.

I imagined a day when I was an adult and I could make such splendid futuristic things…

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ToeHeads + SnackHacks  At McGraw-Hill Education

Exclusive Exhibition At McGraw-Hill Education

by Daric Gill

LoliPigWaits (detail)
LoliPigWaits (detail)

If you’ve purchased an educational textbook in the past  100+ years, you’ve most likely heard of the publishing company where my latest exhibition is held. McGraw-Hill Education Companies specializes in developing adapted learning practices and educational resources for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

This week marks the first exhibition of the SnackHacks and ToeHeads together in one showing of selected works. While the current show is held exclusively for the employees at the McGraw-Hill headquarters, I’ve been given special permission to document the show for my online galleries. 

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